The Chiller

A fan fiction based on well known writer, Neil D’Silva


Deep Roots

Arun woke up to a bright Sunday morning of April. It was the first Sunday of his summer vacations; a day when his father was at home. While still in bed, fireflies of excitement began dancing in his ten-year-old mind. A long list of tasks battled within him to gain priority but none could beat […]

A Peaceful Warrior

Picture credit: Embarked from her home, in the Garwal Himalayas, She walked bare-footed, into the woods, with a storm brewing in the heart.   The rising Sun, illuminated her path The terrain road kissed her feet, The breeze gave her an inspirational push. The birds sang her glory, while the beasts gazed at her […]


Teachers, you are the ladder of my life, take me up, make me shine, like a star, in the sky. Teachers, you are the guide I need, hold my hand, make me walk on the truthful path. Teachers, you are the wind to my wings help me fly, high and high… Teachers, you are the […]