Deep Roots

Arun woke up to a bright Sunday morning of April. It was the first Sunday of his summer vacations; a day when his father was at home. While still in bed, fireflies of excitement began dancing in his ten-year-old mind. A long list of tasks battled within him to gain priority but none could beat […]


Teachers, you are the ladder of my life, take me up, make me shine, like a star, in the sky. Teachers, you are the guide I need, hold my hand, make me walk on the truthful path. Teachers, you are the wind to my wings help me fly, high and high… Teachers, you are the […]

The Last Laugh! :)

Thanks to Ganapati Bappa and his daily pooja schedule, the mornings these days just got busier. So, then, I was still humming the Ganesh Aarti while walking to the main road to board my cab and that’s when I saw him! his round face resembled a hairy coconut, the chubby cheeks jumped with his actions, […]

‘WTF’ Parenting?

I received the below video in a WhatsApp group. I opened it thinking that this is just another one of those funny-cute baby video to make us laugh, but I was in for a shock… The Mother in this video is teaching number counting to her (may be 5 year old) daughter. The child is evidently scared […]

An Inspirational Interview

K.K Menon is one of those actors whom I admire a lot. His dedication towards acting is evident in the many roles he has portrayed. Be it the army officer in ‘Shurya’ or a power hungry brat in ‘Sarkar’, the passionate inspector in ‘Stone Man murders’, the egoistic doctor in ‘Ankur Arora Murder Case’, ‘Gulaal’,  – […]