New Year Resolution 2021

Hey there! 😊The disappointing 2020 is about to end and a hopeful new year is waiting at the door…It is that time of the year again where we think of ‘Resolutions’ !!!So, I thought, why not persuade my friends and associates on the social media to pick up a different kind of resolution this time. […]

Book Review – Dead Never Die by Siddarth Nirwan

I ask myself, how do we write a Horror story? I myself have tried to write Horror but the writer in me was not pleased with the efforts and the result. Talking about Horror Genre, it is a wide open space where once can experiment with imagination, paranormal, personal experiences, local lore, news stories, mythical […]

Book Review – Visions Of The Summer Past

It is always interesting to read a story scattered across timelines. What make this concept more intriguing is when you mix ingredients like Partition, Freedom struggle, history, Spirituality and mysticism!! Avishek Gupta has done just that with his book ‘Visions Of The Summer Past’… It is a story of men from 3 generations. One belonging […]

Treasure Syndicate – Research

Research and Facts   Treasure hunting has been explored from many angles by popular fiction writers and, all of them essentially start with a pointer. A map, a lost key, a hidden clue or something that actually triggers a ‘hunt’ in the real sense. However, the reality is very different, and I quote “All treasure […]

Author Links/Guest Posts/Interviews

Author Interview Guest Posts


Rajesh Konsam OK. first. I don’t give a good rating easily. Yes, I am hard to please. But I am impressed by Rajesh’s work. He is a debutant but it does not seem so as I read through his book Bittersweet. This is a story about a boy who dreams of a career in music. […]


By Neil D’Silva I will start my review by saying this: From now on, whenever I would think about about top female protagonists, Yakshini will flash in my mind. Meenakshi is an enigmatic village girl. Within her, lives a cursed Yakshini. She is her savior and she only is the root cause of the misery […]

The Hawa Mahal Murders

The Hawa Mahal Murders. The name itself give you a gist of what the book is all about. But don’t judge it too quickly! Written by Author Nita Kulkarni, this suspense, murder mystery novel is gripping and does total justice to the genre. The story is about a woman who recently moved into an apartment […]