Cabbing All The Way – Reviews

Fabric Of Life

The book is hilarious, witty and truly enjoyable. Without making it seem so, the author has cleverly delved into human psychology and brought out the best and the worst in human nature.

TBC Review

True to its title, ‘Cabbing: all the way’, does complete justice in highlighting the ‘BIG’ issue faced by working professionals in urban cities in India, and in doing so the author guilelessly involves you in an emotional journey that will definitely leave a mark on you. You are bound to share the camaraderie of the co-passengers, as you transform from being the mute spectator, reading about it, to a latent co-passenger .

My BookShelf

The characters look like they have been hand-picked from our lives. All of us will know a Jatin, or Chandu in our lives. Every office has a Raghav and an Avani. And all of us know at least one “Saina” who makes sure that things don’t get too sweet for anybody.

Kaffeinated Konversations

Autobiographical to the core, the story attempts to take you for a ride along the central theme of commutation woes of Indians in the city of Hyderabad. Peppered by the unique traits of each of the 12 persons sharing the ride, Jatin traverses through the hills and valleys of a road trip to work and back home.

Privy Trifles

I laughed along the characters all through the book and enjoyed it thoroughly. I really liked the simplicity in his writing and that is something he has retained since his first book. No complex words or language used and yet the most effective tone in the stories is what Jatin Kuberkar’s biggest strength is.

Beyond Coffee and Words

But what you don’t know is that there would be a 13th person in the cab – You! That’s how vividly the novel is written. The ease with which Jatin narrates the tale is impressive. The simple but effective story-telling not only makes for an easy read but also drags you along for the ride as if you are in that cab and yourself a part of all those conversations and discussions.


Cabbing All The Way is a feel-good book, which you would like to read on the way back home from a tired day at work or on a flight between destinations. Jatin Kuberkar’s writing style is easy and flows naturally.

Rtihi Bose

Behind this seemingly simple work, there are layers of human psychology of how people react in groups, what goes on in people’s psyche while interacting with each other, our inherent urge to prove ourselves better in groups. The fact that Kuberkar manages to portray the character details with élan shows that he has spent a good amount of time observing different people and drawing his characters from them.

Metro Reader

The characters are realistic, relatable and have been developed well. The descriptions are detailed and made it possible for me to even visualize these twelve people sitting in a Winger and travelling to and from work everyday.

Reshma Rajan

Once into the book I was living and driving through the streets of Hyderabad, it’s traffic congestion. (the gleaming beads of sweat seemed so real when stuck in the traffic jams) I can even see me eating the chats from the street stalls. And of course the Golconda fort: how can I forget. It turned out to be pretty nostalgic for me.
Each character in the book I could relate to someone or the other around me. 

Deep Ties

A well-crafted narrative that adheres to the spirit of the cab!


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