The Swyamsevak

The khaki shorts,
ending just above his agile knees,
a leather belt, tightened to his waist
the white shirt, as pure as his heart and
a black cap, his rightful crown.
Graced with simplicity, he walks around
with a smile on his face.

Courage in his glorious eyes,
commitment in his modest speech,
determination in his clenched fist and
unconditional love, his heart carries.

Inspired by the fundamentals of the ‘Sanatan Dhrama’
Touched by the teachings of a revered culture,
‘Namaste sada vatsaley Maatribhumye’, he sings.
his chest bulges with pride.

A determined patriot, an extraordinary volunteer,
A proud son of a hallowed land,
With a ‘Lathi’ in his hand,
He stands resolute…
eager to serve, to protect, his motherland.
He humbly introduces himself to the world
as an ordinary ‘Swayamsevak’


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