You, Me and He

In a moment of creation, there was darkness and light,
In a minute of perfection, there was the boundless sky.
A quarter of labour and there was the sunrise,
The next quarter brought clouds and it rained;
Droplets evoked colourful moods; the sky reflected its rainbow side.
An hour had passed; the restless rivers thrived and merged,
Sculpting its way into mountains and valleys.

As the night fell, tired, He slept and dreamt.

He dreamt of a world inspired with the pulse of life,
with birds and beasts, Plants and trees, flowers and bees,
Seasons coloured with various themes,
At daybreak he realized all his dreams.
With countless moments of creation,
Accomplished, he gave his own pulse to it.
And the world moulded to perfection.

In one such perfect moment, He created You and Me
and gifted us with his pulse.
Hear that sound, deep inside, ‘Lub-dub’, ‘lub-dub’
Take a moment, close your eyes, Feel the pulse. Realize…

‘He’ who made the world go around,
‘He’ who dwells in today and beyond
‘He’ who created you and me,
Pervades everything, equally.


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