Hymn To the Conscious Self

Note: This poem is inspired by the famous work by Marathi Saint ‘Samarth RamDas’ titled Manache Shlok

O! My conscious self, I bow to thee, Thou art the original Me.

My mind, a dense forest of fickle selfish thought,
This mortal body, shall one day die, decay and rot.
Thou art the luminance in me;
Like the brightest star of a moonless night,
guide my way; Truth, let me see.

Let not, the Aggression become the cynical ruler of the mind
Let not, the Wants charm the intellect with desires of all kind
Let not, the Judgment be entrapped in worries of time, further and behind,
Let not, the flattering band of praises make the true self, Dumb, Deaf and Blind.

Let my language be polite and sweet, Solemn to all, consoling to the weak,
Come, shield me from the taunting wordy arrows, others speak.
Let me have great persistence, let me conquer the spiritual peak,
Let me build bridges of tolerance; Love to give and serenity to seek.

Let me walk the righteous path, Way of light, it’s only the choice,
For falsity can save the day, but future, still, is a rolling block of dice.
Let me always speak the truth, what shall be heard is the truthful voice,
Help me weed out falsehood; Make my mind deaf to its distorting noise.

Like a slat of sandal that razes itself to offer the world its fragrant oil.
Let me realize the essence of service; help me recover from worldly turmoil.
Show me the way leading to divinity, unto ultimate motive, let the self toil,
Let my deeds of good remain, even after I leave my mortal coil.

O! My conscious self, fill me with light, Take me along in this heavenly ride,
Let me not cry of darkness with my eyes closed,
Let me open the windows to the brighter side.


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