Lost & Found

In an endless race toward an unknown goal,
In jarring alarms, in traffic jams,
In the crowd of nameless faces,
I lose myself, every day.

In compulsions, pressures and pleasures,
In the bore of business meetings,
And in the grapevine of official authority,
I am lost somewhere.
I am lost, in the infinite list of wants,
And in the expectations, unreal,
In the hypocrite social circle,
And in the complex barter of relationships.

Lost, in my proxy wins and in the worldly chatter,
by night I return to my nest.

Behind the half-shut door of my home,
A pair of motherly eyes, await my arrival,
The delicious dinner, eager to be served,
In the bedroom, my little angel sleeps, peacefully;
In the warm embrace of my beloved,
and in the good-night kiss, the wounds of my heart, heal,
Lost since morning, I rediscover my true self,
at this hour of night, and I call it a day!


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