Stranger Connections

Life has become hectic – let’s accept it! In today’s world we aren’t making any deliberate attempts to connect with each other. We interact more with the ‘smart’ screens than we do with our children, we are more concerned about rush hours and traffic jams than to sit and have a comforting chat with our ageing parents, we comment/compliment the government for the highways, the roads and the policies, but when was the last time we thanked our husband/wife for all that they do for us? If this is not enough, we don’t even care who is standing beside us at the bus stop, we never even give an unconditional smile to a stranger. we are, in a way, getting isolated. In such a losing-the-self scenario, the universe conspires to make us realize the magic in co-existence. It gifts us little miraculous, sweet moments, those tiny pockets of time that unexpectedly quip in between a busy schedule and bring a smile on our face, give us hope that life is more than what we think it is, makes a seemingly ordinary moment special and reintroduce us to Life!

I have something of that sorts to share.

My office is located in a huge commercial space. Nearly seven thousand people work in a ten storied campus with every floor hosting a different company. I’m on the 3rd floor. Typically, I feel, an office ambiance is meant to isolate people rather than to unite them (and ironically it’s called Management!). A workplace is generally divided into blocks, blocks further narrow down into departments, then into teams and the employees are limited to their own cubicles. Amidst such a mess, how can a soul connect with the other?

Well, in a mad world like this, Connections just ‘Happen’! and the universe finds a medium like Music to help us connect.

Music helps me heal, it makes me feel less stressed and so, I keep listening and humming songs all throughout the day. My favs include Melodies rendered by R.D. Burman, Mukesh, Sonu Nigam, A.R Rehman or Illyaraja.

That day it was ‘Anjali…Anjali’ on of the soothing melodies from ARR’s initial days. I was humming it and waiting for the lift at the ground floor after having a sumptuous lunch in the Canteen. The lift came from the basement carrying three strangers in it and halted for me at the ground floor. My journey in the lift was only till the third floor and in the given time, I could only hum the beginning of the song which repeats itself twice – “Anjali…Anjali…Pushpanjali…”

“Cling!” the elevator opened on the 3rd floor and I walked away. Just as the lift ‘clinged’ again, announcing that it was about to close the door, I heard a sweet female voice picking up the song with the same enthusiasm that I was singing it and the door closed.

I don’t know who she was and neither did she knew anything about me, but a strange something connected us. It was as if, I said an anonymous musical ‘Hi’ in an empty chatroom and she returned ‘Hi, How are you?’ She might have smiled for a while just as I was, forgetting my worries for the moment. I’d love to imagine that a past reminiscence of tender adolescent love would have surrounded her, reconnecting back to the days when life was fun, a nostalgia would have engulfed her so much that she would have gone home that evening, pondering this memory and shared it with her family and friends, just like I am doing now…



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