Curiosity ??

‘Curiosity killed the cat’.
This is my caption for this hilarious cartoon.

I was in the bank yesterday and I found 3 types of people there.
1. Youth: who understand the current situation in the country, Black money, etc…they are facing problems but are grounded to reality. They are helping strangers, elders, homemaker women with whatever information they need.

2. Small businessmen: they are not comfortable with banking process. It seemed that they never visited a bank before today (Note: they are educated enough). They are in a pathetic state, like a 10 std student who just realized that tomorrow is his board exam and he don’t even know where his books are!!

3. Elderly people: sorry to say this. But these guys are most uncomfortable. They are/were hopeless about the govt policies. They want to be first in queue, not to be questioned, finish fast and go home.


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