Thoughts for the New Year

Nowadays, a lot of time and thought is being wasted in trying to prove something that is meaningless. Who has said what, who trolled whom, who is naming whom after someone…We don’t (necessarily) have to speak for or against our leaders, we are no one to brand someone national or anti, why should we furiously debate about historical references that are a mere ‘beet gayi so baat gayi. If you believe that it is History which has shaped our present, then you must also be aware that our actions today will shape our future too. If we keep crying about the past, we cannot think of a brighter future…

Learn from History, don’t enact it!!

Friends, we don’t have to take sides; In fact, I’d say we don’t belong to any side, there is no need to debate pointlessly.
Don’t waste your precious mind oil in bothering what will happen to this country, if someone is the leader (or someone is not).
Just do what you have to do; at the end of day, words do not matter, deeds do…

Welcome the new year with a smile and not with words of hatred and anger!


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