Baahubali – should have been a trilogy?

‘Baabhubali’ is the buzz word today just as it was in July 2015 when ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ hit the screens. Everyone, everywhere is talking about it and why not? it is a real magnum opus in terms of the concept, the story, the VFX, the acting talent of the actors and the director…S.S. Rajamouli – hats off sir!!

While Baahubali: The Beginning had set a strong foundation and very high expectations for the next installment, I enjoyed watching Baahubali: The Conclusion. The oath taking scene gave me goosebumps! The fight sequences were top class and the Elevation of the main characters was the work of a master!!

Having said that, The Conclusions did not quite quench my thirst! πŸ™‚ For a story that has unlimited possibilities, I strongly believe that The Conclusion was an abrupt end to a larger than life concept.

Here is why I feel so:

  1. There are not less than 22 IMPORTANT characters in the movie – Part I and II included and a majority of them suffered an oblivious death. The only other movie that I can remember having so many ‘vital’ and ‘meaningful’ characters is ‘Sholay’.

Here are some examples to support my comment:

  • Aslam Khan played by Sudip. This character had a soul. He could have been in a pivotal role in the next installment. Aslam khan not in the movie came to me as a major surprise and a great disappointment.
  • Avantika played by Tamannana. She had a good role in the first part but NOTHING except ‘Ghaat and Pratighaat’ in the second part.
  • Sivudu’s step parents, Tanikella Bharani as the soothsayer, Kilkil language, Mahishmati (I wanted to see more Mahishmati…) and if that was not enough for a Writer’s mind, take this: I even missed seeing the valiant female bodyguard who was seen standing behind Sivagami in Part I. Just like the nameless villagers who keep appearing again and again, I expected her to be in Part II with a small supporting role, reflecting Sivagami’s thoughts of despair.
  1. The entry of Kalakeya warriors looked completely off-the-track without a proper background to it.
  2. The story is extremely catchy till Kattappa finishes the flashback. But after that, it simply is just another ‘the hero kills the villain’ story. Bhallaldeva is portrayed as a powerful king with a mammoth army and yet he is easily defeated by Sivudu with some rebels and a bunch of villagers??

OK…I should stop complaining now. And let me reiterate that I enjoyed the movie.

Now, let’s come to the actual topic. Think, if Baahubali was a Trilogy…

Some may say, a third part would have been too long to wait, but I say, it would have been worth the wait! πŸ™‚

In my honest opinion, here is how the story should have been:

Part I: Baahubali, The Beginning

As said before, the story, its concept and the progression is just apt. NO COMPLAINTS here!

Part II: Baahubali, The dark Shadows

In this part, the answer to why Kattappa killed Amarendra Baahubali should have been answered. – this is what was expected and it was done neatly.

But post interval, picture the following:

when Devasena returns the served head of Bhadra, and Bhalla sees Mahendra Baahubali, the story must have gone towards how Sivudu accumulates an army with the help of Kattappa, rebels and tribals villagers. In an attempt to breach the great walls of Mahishmati, the newly formed army suffers great losses. Knowing that the real heir of the throne is back, the Mahishmati army breaks into two- A major portion joining Sivudu, backed by Kattappa. To compensate for the loss, Bhallaldeva joins hands with Kalakeya army and Kattappa asks Aslam khan for his help.

Part III: Baahubali, The Conclusion

The two great armies fight fiercely. A twist occurs when Devasena (and may be even Avantika) falls in the hands of Bhalla, creating a DO or DIE situation. This would have brought Devasena back to the bed of dead sticks that she had prepared for Bhalla. Blow by Blow, Bhalla loses support and is left alone (with Bijjaladeva). At this point, Bijjaladeva plays a cunning game and challenges Sivudu for a Hand-Duel – Imagine what a cinematic shot it would have been – two hunks fighting One-to-One. During this duel, the huge gold statue falls to the ground…

Nearing the climax, Bijjaladeva tries to help his son but meets his dastardly end and so does Bhalla…burning in the fire of hell……


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