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Research and Facts


Treasure hunting has been explored from many angles by popular fiction writers and, all of them essentially start with a pointer. A map, a lost key, a hidden clue or something that actually triggers a ‘hunt’ in the real sense. However, the reality is very different, and I quote

“All treasure excavations known to the history are accidental discoveries. None involved a map, a trail or puzzles etc as widely depicted in the works of fiction.”

But my story had to be different. With what I had in my mind, I had to do a lot of research. I had to verify the authenticity of some pieces of information.

In this post I will try to post some of the best pieces of information I came across while writing this book.

The story of Kaliyug and it’s linkage to the Syndicate:

I had an initial draft with a bunch of characters and a plot, but I quickly realized that the concept was too shaky. That was because, there was no motivating factor to tell a story, or rather a treasure hunt to begin. So, while I was looking for a proper concept, the story of Kaliyug came to my mind. It took me less than a minute to arrive at a point where I decided – “This is got to be my base concept”

So, there I was with “Kaliyug” and “Lok-Kalyan”

Interesting facts about snakes and the ‘creatures’ of underworld!

With underworld, I actually mean, those that live under the ground!

Snakes and ants, to be specific, have a strange connection with treasures. The Red Sand Boa is popular here. It has all kinds of treasure stories connected to. In the real world, this endangered snake is smuggled for crores of rupees. This intuitive flyer says it all😊

Ants: yes, colony of black ants could indicate the presence of an underlying treasure trove. BUT, if there’s a colony of white ants (termites) you better be aware, you might be digging up a graveyard or a cursed treasure!

The Moon has profound effect on the minds of people and on treasure troves.

I never paid enough attention to it until I came across an article. It extrapolated the world ‘Lunatic’ which has it’s origins in the Latin word Luna which means the moon!

As part of my research, I spoke to an ayurvedic doctor to validate this fact that moon, indeed has influence on the human and animal behavior. The creative vigor is much higher on a full moon day as compared to normal days… and the doctor also told me that the phases of moon also impacts the condition of mentally ill patients.

Now, with treasures too, the place where it is supposedly buried is much hotter than its surroundings and this happens only on a full moon day. It’s opposite happens on a new moon day.

I took this interesting knowledge and utilized in my story too!

Black Magic does exist!?

This one comes directly from the horse’s mouth. The cab driver who narrated me his real life account about the treasure hunting group, also spoke about occult practices. I tried to as like a careless educated modern guy and disregarded it as a myth. His direct questions to me after that were …then why do people fear it? How has this ancient practice survived the tide of time? You don’t believe it, but can you deny it ??

His questions were full of conviction and confidence.

Treasure Troves shift and wait for its owner

Yes, you read it right! It is popularly believed that a trove shifts its position over time. I could not gather a lot of proof regarding this and that’s why it was deleted from one of my drafts.

Another extremely fascinating thing I heard is that some troves wait for their legitimate owner. This was a story told to me by one of my friends. He almost made me believe with his account that this did happen and that the trove was meant for a certain person to reincarnate and claim the treasure and it happened just like that!

I have compiled some of my research into videos. You can view them here:

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