Another Halloween

A long time has passed. This leafless tree has become my dwelling and this barren land, my resting place. The deeds of good and my sins, unlived dreams in black and white, the unfulfilled desires, the incomplete tasks, and an unwritten will, my tombstone reminds. Tired of hanging up-side-down on this ghastly tree of souls, […]

Lost & Found

In an endless race toward an unknown goal, In jarring alarms, in traffic jams, In the crowd of nameless faces, I lose myself, every day. In compulsions, pressures and pleasures, In the bore of business meetings, And in the grapevine of official authority, I am lost somewhere. I am lost, in the infinite list of […]

Hymn To the Conscious Self

Note: This poem is inspired by the famous work by Marathi Saint ‘Samarth RamDas’ titled Manache Shlok O! My conscious self, I bow to thee, Thou art the original Me. My mind, a dense forest of fickle selfish thought, This mortal body, shall one day die, decay and rot. Thou art the luminance in me; […]

Unusual Biography

The moments of love and the encounters with truth Lost Insights, found again on a trail down the memory line. Everything I wanted to say all that I failed to express feelings, unsaid, that I longed to share. People from past, begin to speak handing over their wish list of concerns that would never become […]


The song of the mystic ragas blended in the beat of the Mridanga. The rhythmic treble of anklets, Combine into a language Of Hands, of Eyes, of Feet… Of Heart. Adorned in the ethnic costume, The creator, the destroyer He himself is, the mother divine. In the masks of valiant heroes and the mythical lords, […]

The Swyamsevak

The khaki shorts, ending just above his agile knees, a leather belt, tightened to his waist the white shirt, as pure as his heart and a black cap, his rightful crown. Graced with simplicity, he walks around with a smile on his face. Courage in his glorious eyes, commitment in his modest speech, determination in […]

You, Me and He

In a moment of creation, there was darkness and light, In a minute of perfection, there was the boundless sky. A quarter of labour and there was the sunrise, The next quarter brought clouds and it rained; Droplets evoked colourful moods; the sky reflected its rainbow side. An hour had passed; the restless rivers thrived […]