The Last Laugh! :)

Thanks to Ganapati Bappa and his daily pooja schedule, the mornings these days just got busier. So, then, I was still humming the Ganesh Aarti while walking to the main road to board my cab and that’s when I saw him! his round face resembled a hairy coconut, the chubby cheeks jumped with his actions, […]

Deep Roots

Arun woke up to a bright Sunday morning of April. It was the first Sunday of his summer vacations; a day when his father was at home. While still in bed, fireflies of excitement began dancing in his ten-year-old mind. A long list of tasks battled within him to gain priority but none could beat […]

The Perfect Master

“Rural India is charmingly strange”, I thought while I was waiting at the bus stop. I have visited my ancestral village for the annual Mahalakshmi pooja and was on my way back home. Completely cut off from the sophistication of the modern world, the village seemed to me like a wonderful painting of watercolors. There […]

The Reward

The cloudless blue sky reflected in Raju’s anxious brown eyes. An occasional breeze from the dying winter provided a welcome respite from the scorching heat of the sunny afternoon. January had already started sending hints of yet another early summer in Telangana. The parched black, drought hit fields stretched till the horizon and tried hard […]

The Broken Cup

The crashing sound of a porcelain cup disturbed everyone in the house. Geeta was the first to react, “Mom! GP has done it again!!!” she declared, with her head still bent over the cell phone screen. “Looks like the old man has gone bonkers! This is the third cup he’s broken in this month!” She […]

Long Drive – Part 2

Vicky started without even waiting for a response. Gogo and Saleem got immersed in listening. “Many things in this world are strange. And for some, the word strange is just not enough. Centuries ago, this place was a rich and prosperous town. Its citizens lived happily under the dominion of their king, IndraVeer. He was […]

Long Drive – Part 1

“NOOOOOO!!” wobbled Vicky, as a horrible nightmare woke him up. Shivers ran all over his body and drenched his clothing with cold sweat. His handsome face marked with worry while his mind recollected the dream only to realize that it was the same damned thing again! A dark night, the large gate, antiquated structures, the […]