‘WTF’ Parenting?

I received the below video in a WhatsApp group. I opened it thinking that this is just another one of those funny-cute baby video to make us laugh, but I was in for a shock… The Mother in this video is teaching number counting to her (may be 5 year old) daughter. The child is evidently scared […]

An Inspirational Interview

K.K Menon is one of those actors whom I admire a lot. His dedication towards acting is evident in the many roles he has portrayed. Be it the army officer in ‘Shurya’ or a power hungry brat in ‘Sarkar’, the passionate inspector in ‘Stone Man murders’, the egoistic doctor in ‘Ankur Arora Murder Case’, ‘Gulaal’,  – […]

Baahubali – should have been a trilogy?

‘Baabhubali’ is the buzz word today just as it was in July 2015 when ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ hit the screens. Everyone, everywhere is talking about it and why not? it is a real magnum opus in terms of the concept, the story, the VFX, the acting talent of the actors and the director…S.S. Rajamouli – […]

Steve Job’s Last Words…

I have come to the pinnacle of success in business. In the eyes of others, my life has been the symbol of success. However, apart from work, I have little joy. Finally, my wealth is simply a fact to which I am accustomed. At this time, lying on the hospital bed and remembering all my […]