Thoughts for the New Year

Nowadays, a lot of time and thought is being wasted in trying to prove something that is meaningless. Who has said what, who trolled whom, who is naming whom after someone…We don’t (necessarily) have to speak for or against our leaders, we are no one to brand someone national or anti, why should we furiously […]

The Broken Cup

The crashing sound of a porcelain cup disturbed everyone in the house. Geeta was the first to react, “Mom! GP has done it again!!!” she declared, with her head still bent over the cell phone screen. “Looks like the old man has gone bonkers! This is the third cup he’s broken in this month!” She […]

Curiosity ??

‘Curiosity killed the cat’. This is my caption for this hilarious cartoon. I was in the bank yesterday and I found 3 types of people there. 1. Youth: who understand the current situation in the country, Black money, etc…they are facing problems but are grounded to reality. They are helping strangers, elders, homemaker women with […]

Noun Play – An Experiment

Roses, Lips, Smiles – Moments Distances, waits, hugs – Memories Sweet, sour, salt – Tears Moments, Memories, Tears – Love. Lake, Autumn, Reflection – Silence Spring, Breeze, Wind – Flute Thunder, Droplets, Rain – Applause Silence, Flute, Applause– Music Sky, Clouds, Rainbow – Wonder Start, End, Start – Paradox Vivid, Large, Simple – Strange Wonder, […]

Long Drive – Part 2

Vicky started without even waiting for a response. Gogo and Saleem got immersed in listening. “Many things in this world are strange. And for some, the word strange is just not enough. Centuries ago, this place was a rich and prosperous town. Its citizens lived happily under the dominion of their king, IndraVeer. He was […]

Long Drive – Part 1

“NOOOOOO!!” wobbled Vicky, as a horrible nightmare woke him up. Shivers ran all over his body and drenched his clothing with cold sweat. His handsome face marked with worry while his mind recollected the dream only to realize that it was the same damned thing again! A dark night, the large gate, antiquated structures, the […]

Stranger Connections

Life has become hectic – let’s accept it! In today’s world we aren’t making any deliberate attempts to connect with each other. We interact more with the ‘smart’ screens than we do with our children, we are more concerned about rush hours and traffic jams than to sit and have a comforting chat with our […]