While I Was Waiting

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There are two things that can happen when we are waiting; either we dwell in the past and repent the moments that cannot be changed, or we peep into the future and get anxious on events that are yet to happen. I too was a victim of the waiting syndrome until one day; in one such waiting moment I watched a kid and his struggle for gathering cooking fuel. I was so lost in observing him that I forgot my worries for the time being. The boy inspired me so much that I jotted down my experience. The next time it was at a hospital, when an elderly man gave me a spiritual sermon for free. It happened again at a government office, where I was a witness to a humorous bribe. Soon, the act of observing developed as a habit at all the waiting opportunities. Every opportunity gifted me with a thrilling story. They taught me the ways of life, gave me perspectives on things I took for granted and made me laugh, cry and think. Undoubtedly, they helped me in becoming a better person.

The stories in this collection speak out for themselves. They are not mere figments of imagination. Such stories are hidden in every inch of the paradox called “Life”. They are waiting to be discovered at every turn of the minute. All that one need is the right spectacle to see them.

So, the next time when you are waiting, just look around and you might end up writing a book.